Conscious Object

This form embodies my theory of the future object. It is comprised of a synthesis of both a tangible infrastructure and a permeable, yet equally existent surface made of light. The dubious form gives one the sense of a tangible 3D form. This can be seen as pointing to the limitations of our cognitive faculties of visual perception or an extra-sensory ability to fuse appearances and presences into a coherent object. This ability to image an object that is not actually physically present, externalizes the processes of imagination, dream and memory. Hence the ontology of this object has multiple modalities of being. The intended, the tangible, the intangible and the potential. As the appearance of the object shifts, the subject becomes aware that the object has various temporal modalities as well. This dynamic object is an apparition of simultaneous spatial and temporal modes of existence. The object is also responsive to the subject- mirroring and fracturing the subjects’ image. In this instance, the subject becomes the content of the object, and is at once both objectified and the source of causality for the object’s appearance. With this role reversal the object becomes the subject and the subject is objectified. Despite it’s illusory qualities, the object is not merely a sign or representation of another object, it is clearly perceptibly existent, it is engaged in being. Is the object a being? The object’s ability to be aware of the subject, to have sensory perceptual faculties and to be in multiple realms of existence simultaneously, implies it’s conscious existence. Or at the very least it’s conscious existence within the subject’s consciousness. The future of the object is one that is co-created with the subject. Both are dynamic conscious beings that effect each other. In grasping all levels of the object’s being and essentially that is a subject in itself, the future paradigm is possible.

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