Ela Boyd // Actualities
March 1 - Nov 1
Los Angeles Center for Digital Art
  How can a form be regarded as actual?
Heidegger describes Greek Ontology’s concept of eidos, “…that which a being already was. What a being already was before actualization” Herein, the future-past tense mixed with the actualized present collapses the temporality of the beings’ mode of being. The form gives way to itself in phusis, “The actual thing arises out of phusis, the nature of the thing.”

In the window installation, Actualities, each form also has a three-fold existence– the potential form, the intended form and the actual form. Taking photos of wall-mounted plastic rod sculptures perhaps catalyzed the eidos of the forms. The rods loosely formed a framework of a three-dimensional form. The cohesive form was ultimately synthesized by the viewer’s cognitive process of intending the absent sides. Additionally, each intended shape had the potentiality to mutate with shifting light conditions. The printed images present possible forms that could be interpreted as what the form was before actualization. With triangular light tubes mounted behind the prints, the appearance of light is collapsed alongside actual light. The appearance of a form in the printed image is superimposed with an actual form made of light. The forms elicit a play between appearances and presences, actuality and potentiality.

Actualities, window installation mixed media; 4 digital prints, fluorescent lights, 54" x 40" ea. 2011

Reception for Analog to Digital

John Baldessari, Gronk, Patti Heid, Dennis Hopper, Kathryn Jacobi, Luke Matjas, Miss Maytag Collective, Mark Mothersbaugh, Federico Solmi, Anneliese Varaldiev, Robert Williams, Joel-Peter Witkin

July 9, 2011

102 5th Street
LA, CA 90013